Projects for the consumer, the public and myself.

What Are You Thinking?

I wanted to take the temperature on what people were thinking around my town so I designed and printed up 500 design thought bubbles. I discovered that everyone wins with this project – I get to do an experiment, the public gets to participate and the companies get people to look at their crappy advertisements. Everyone’s happy.
Telling Stories
Working with my regular fashion clients, they were having trouble connecting to the buyer and the consumer. They were producing lookbooks  in a studio in front of a backdrop, same lighting, different looks. People weren’t buying the clothes, they were buying the story. So I set out to create stories people could connect to.
Moving Images
Film has always been the most natural and quickest way to connect to the consumer.
Cultivating Transparency
Community Service Showroom, was about creating an artistic community where the work and soul of the company were as transparent and revealing as the owners themselves. To create this intimacy, the design work needed to disrupt convention in its message so that the customer could connect.
Things I love
These are projects that I loved doing from inception to completion. They were creatively genuinely, me.